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​Dear Reader,

Tower Quarterly is a periodical publication of independent studies and scholarly works. Our interests include issues of architecture, philosophy, history, ancient warfare, and the symbolic arts. The Quarterly prefers to entertain unfashionable scholarship; doomed projects, or quality works, which are otherwise considered not publishable by academic institutions for one reason or another. 

In our experience, careful and thorough analysis of esoteric subjects tends to require a broadness of scope, which, cuts against the specializing disposition of most institutions. Similarly, as an historical publication the Quarterly is staunchly apolitical. Much of the Quarterly comprises the original works of its three editors, together with excerpts from peculiar volumes of historic authorship. When the opportunity arises, we are likewise delighted to publish work from independent scholars.

On principle, we hold that to restrict readership to those who pay for it is nothing short of sophistry. Taking care to remain unsophisticated in that respect, the Quarterly’s entire catalog is, and always will be, available to read digitally on our website—at no cost.


Tower Quarterly is published online seasonally; on the equinoxes and the solstices.

Digital publication is, however, not enough. Despite the contemporary tendency for the printed medium to be waved-away as a matter of novelty, it’s our contention that physical materials are of vital importance.


The printed medium is autonomous. It’s permanent. The printed medium cannot be altered, only amended in editions. It cannot be deleted clandestinely from a platform by a parent corporation; it must be physically removed from your possession. Its contents cannot be concealed behind, or within, a proprietary device—they can simply be read by anyone who is literate.

Therefore, every winter a handsomely illustrated,  physical annual containing the entire year’s work is designed, printed, and made available to readers for purchase here on our website.

Welcome to our library.


The Editors


Alexander J. Ford (b. 1990) is an architectural designer and illustrator. His writing and design-work has been published by the Princeton Architectural Press, Culicidae Architectural Press, IntAR, Inflection, Plat, Fresh Meat, and [ABouT-] journals. His drawings have been exhibited by both Art OMI in New York, and the Amarillo Museum of Art in Texas. From 2013 to 2018 Ford worked for the archaeological excavation at the Sanctuary of Zeus Lykaios, in the central Peloponnesus, ending his tenure as the Assistant Field Director for Architecture. He earned his Master’s in Architectural History from Columbia University in New York, 2016, and his Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Arizona in Tucson, 2014.

Jack R. Parnell (b. 1991) is an architectural designer and weapons instructor. He earned his Master’s in Architecture from the University of Colorado in Denver, 2016. He earned his Bachelor’s in Philosophy from the University of Arizona in Tucson, 2013.


Morgan P. Stevens (b. 1996) is currently working to earn his Bachelor’s in Medieval History at the University of Arizona in Tucson, to complete in 2023. 


Reach out to us directly:

IG: @ TowerQuarterly

Twitter: @ TowerQuarterly

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